Monday, 1 May 2017

Recent releases from Penguin Random House Australia

We're All Wonders by R.J Palacio

Some of you may be familiar with R.J Palacio's bestselling book, Wonder, released in 2012, which tells the story of a young boy named Auggie who looks different to others, but is just a normal kid and wants to be accepted as one.

R.J is back with this fantastic picture book aimed at younger readers, titled We're All Wonders, and it features the delightful Auggie once again.
Following along the similar path of Wonder, the story encourages kindness and acceptance. The illustrations allow the reader to delve into Auggie's world and become a part of his journey.
Another fantastic positive aspect of this book is that it is a great conversation starter. 
This book is sure to resonate with many young children, and older readers alike. Children will learn about empathy and compassion.

We're All Wonders has been recently released and has an RRP of $16.99
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Wolfie by Deborah Abela

Deborah Abela is a great children's author, and I really admire her work. 
With her latest  picture book, Wolfie, we discover the story of a wolf who is sick and tired of wolves always getting a bad reputation in fairy tales, particularly because he is nothing like them at all. 
Wolfie doesn't want to dress up as anyone's grandma, or blow down any houses. He just wants to rescue a princess. But will his wish come true?
This hard-covered book is sweet and funny too! Illustrator Connah Brecon brings the antics of Wolfie to life exceptionally well. 
It is a great picture book that young readers will enjoy. 
It is due for release today, 1st May, and has an RRP of $24.99 
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Charlotte And The Rock by Stephen W. Martin 

Charlotte wants a pet for her sixth birthday. She doesn't mind which sort of pet.
But when her parents surprise her with a pet rock, Charlotte quite doesn't know if she is that pleased at being a pet owner.
However, Charlotte remains positive, and in time, she learns to adapt to having a rock for a pet. The only thing she wishes is that it could love her back..
This hard-covered picture book has a surprise ending that is very sweet. I won't spoil it for others, but it does take an unexpected turn!
Charlotte And The Rock has recently been released, and has an RRP of $19.99
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Little Paws: Welcome Home Harley by Jess Black (Book One in a series) 

This chapter book for primary school readers is the first in a series about adorable puppies who train to become Guide Dogs, and the families that help to train them.
In Welcome Home Harley, siblings Lexie and Tom are super-excited to meet their 8-week-old puppy Harley. With the help of their Puppy Raising Officer, they teach Harley some basic skills to help prove that he is the perfect candidate for the role of being a Guide Dog. 
I think that this series is fantastic for raising awareness about Guide Dogs Australia. 
Welcome Home Harley was released in April and has an RRP of $9.99
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  1. These books all look so cute, probably a little young for my son though. I love picture books!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. Love the sound of these picture books. I am always on the look-out for newbies. I love reading them to my kids.

  3. Interesting to see they did a kids Wonder.

  4. My niece would especially love the Little Paws book!


  5. It's good to know they are selling a book to help the guide dogs.Years ago when I was a school principal, one of the teachers arranged for a lady and her guide dog to come to school and help the student know about the role of the guide dogs. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 18/52 Next week: "My Mondays".


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