Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Children's Book Review: To The Lighthouse by Cristy Burne

After finally convincing his mum to take a week-long trip to Rottnest Island, Isaac can't wait to begin his a magical holiday.
Isaac's mum is a bit of a worry wort and prefers to keep Isaac safe and within her sights at all times, but when Isaac meets a young girl named Emmy, his life gets more exciting by the minute!
Emmy is quite the daredevil with a carefree attitude, and it isn't long before she encourages Isaac to step out of his comfort zone, leading him to make some risky decisions.

When they head out on a late-night adventure, things don't go as planned, and Isaac realises that his new-found freedom may not be as exhilarating as he first thought! 

To The Lighthouse a fantastic junior fiction novel, suitable for young readers aged 6-10 years old.

To The Lighthouse is published by Fremantle Press, RRP $14.99. For further information, head here 

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