Monday, 16 July 2018

Roald Dahl Board Books:

Roald Dahl's 1 2 3 

Count from 1 through to 10 and try to spot the enormous crocodile on every page in this first board book by Roald Dahl.
The thick pages make it easy for little hands to hold. 
RRP $12.99

Roald Dahl's Opposites 

This board book has a lift-the-flap feature for your young one to enjoy as they learn about opposites. 
This also features the enormous crocodile with his snappy jaws!
RRP $12.99

Both books are available now through Penguin Australia.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Book Review: When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger 

The hugely popular author of The Devil Wars Prada, Lauren Weisberger, is back with her latest novel, When Life Gives You Lululemons.
Emily Charlton (former assitant to Miranda Priestley at Vogue in The Devil Wears Prada, played by Emily Blunt in the movie adaptation), is now 36 years old, married to Miles, and is a publicity manager to the rich and famous.
But it is not all smooth sailing, as she has been losing a few clients to a younger, more popular publicity manager.
So when she finds out that Karolina Hartwell, a former supermodel, now married to US Senator Graham, and a loving mother to her tween step-son, is arrested for DUI, Emily takes the opportunity to help her out after Graham turns against Karolina.
Karolina is adamant that she wasn't drunk, and is desperate for Emily to help clear her name before she loses her step-son Harry.
Emily is used to city locations, so heading to the suburbs for this job is at first unappealing, but she makes the most of it, especially when she recalls that her longtime friend, Miriam lives close by.
Miriam is now a stay-home mum, but is looking at getting back into law, her former profession.
Emily and Miriam catch up, and Karolina is soon introduced to Miriam, and it isn't long before the three women become firm friends.
Together, they set out to take revenge on Graham. But will it be enough to clear Karolina's name once and for all?

This was a rather entertaining read, and I would recommend it as the perfect summer beach read, or if you are after a fun and easy story. It certainly made for a different, refreshing read from the books I have read of late.
When Life Gives You Lululemons is out this June. 

Monday, 2 July 2018

Book Review: A Month Of Sundays by Liz Byrski 

'Four women, their most treasured books, a lifetime of stories...'

For over a decade, Ros, Adele, Judy and Simone have been part of the same online book club, but they have never met each other in person. 
The book club originally had more members, but these four women, all aged in their sixties and seventies, are the only ones left.
One day, Adele invites the other three women to spend a month with her in the Blue Mountains after she is asked to house-sit her cousin's beautiful property.
She asks each of her friends to bring along a book for them to discuss together. But not just any book; the chosen book must be one that will teach the other members of the group a bit more about themselves.
But as we discover, each of the women is facing their own personal challenge, and they will not only learn about each other, but rediscover themselves.

Newly retired Adele is quite an anxious person, and doubts herself in many circumstances. She lives in Adelaide, is single, and has one son.

Ros is a widower who resides in Sydney. She has an adorable dog, Clooney (named after George of course!), and has a rather feisty temperament. She has been recently diagnosed with a medical condition that she is finding difficult to adjust to.

Judy lives in Western Australia and owns a popular knitting business which she is no longer passionate about, but is afraid to make a change. 

Simone is a yoga instructor for seniors, and lives in Tasmania. She has a mysterious past, and wants to try and piece together the events from her younger years in order to find peace.

I thought that A Month Of Sundays was a rather enjoyable read, and I liked how the friendships between the four women developed and became stronger over the course of the book.
The setting of the Blue Mountains provided a lovely backdrop - I could visualise the walking tracks and lush surrounds that the author described in great detail.
I found that I was more interested in learning about each of the women's personal journeys as opposed to the discussions that took place around their chosen books, but that is just my personal opinion. 
It was nice to see the women try to overcome their fears and/or face their challenges once they were encouraged by the other females in the group. 

I appreciated the way the women showed such care to one another; it was refreshing to read about female characters that held each other up instead of dragging each other down.
If you enjoy books about strong female friendships, then A Month Of Sundays is definitely for you.

Thank you to the team at PanMacmillan Australia for the opportunity to read and review A Month Of Sundays.

Released this July through Pan Macmillan, RRP $32.99

Friday, 29 June 2018

Children's Chapter Book Review: Bad Nana - Older Not Wiser by Sophy Henn 

This is the first book in an exciting new series for young readers (aged 6 years +).
Jeanie is aged almost 8 years old.
She has a bad nana - not bad like a monster or gangster, more like a nana that loves getting into mischief (and enjoying herself immensely in the process!) 
She is often embarrassing but makes no apologies for her behaviour. 
Jeanie's dad says that nana should know better than to behave the way she does, but Jeanie is glad that nana doesn't!

The illustrations in this chapter book are gorgeous, hues of neon pink against black and white, and a stunning bold cover too.
My 10 year-old thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Bad Nana, Older Not Wiser is out this June through Harper Collins Australia and has an RRP of $17.99

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Lego Star Wars: Choose Your Path (DK Books)

In Lego Star Wars, the reader gets to choose where to go and what adventure to take!
Opt from one of three starting points (Hunt The Sith, Fight The Empire or Defeat The First Order), and journey through the Lego Star Wars galaxy.

There are heaps of Lego Star Wars facts to discover, and then you will be given two options for where to journey next. Some of the choices will lead to endings, but be warned, some endings are better than others!
There are over 40 different endings in the book, and many fun facts to learn.
When you reach an ending it is entirely up to you where you would like to go to next. You are in control!
The book includes a U-3PO Droid mini figure to keep and collect. 
Choose Your Path is a must have for any Lego Star Wars fan!

It is available now through Penguin Random House Australia. It has an RRP of $29.99
For further information on this title, head here 

Monday, 25 June 2018

Book Review The Love That I Have by James Moloney

This story is set during WWII in Germany, and the main character is sixteen year old Margot Baumann.
She has recently left school to take her older sister Renate's job in the mailing room of Sachsenhausen, a concentration camp near Berlin.

Margot is grateful that she has no contact with the prisoners in the camp, especially as her favourite brother Walther has been taken prisoner at Stalingrad, and she doesn't want to imagine the suffering he is going through, like the brutality that is forced upon those at Sachsenhausen. 

In the mail room, she is kept busy on her feet, and is shocked when one day she is ordered to burn the prisoners' mail.
She can't bear knowing that the letters written by the prisoners will go unread.
And so, in a daring act of bravery, she secretly goes against the rules and steals a few of the letters and takes them home. She sends a few of them on to the recipients, but quickly finds herself drawn into their letters of desperation, sadness, love, and hope. 
One particular prisoner, Dieter Kleinschmidt, writes with such passion and honesty that Margot finds that she must know more about this man.
And when she discovers that his girlfriend's name is also Margot, she feels as though the letters of love are being written just for her.
She makes it her duty to meet Dieter, and to help him in any way she can, but what will happen if anyone finds out about her plan?

This is a very touching story that focuses on the power of love in the direst of circumstances. 
Like many other wartime novels, it is steeped in sadness, but there is also the beauty of hope threaded through it.
The Love That I Have is available this June through Harper Collins, and has an RRP of AU$27.99

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Lonely Planet Kids Book Range

I was fortunate enough to recently receive a package of great books from the lovely people at Lonely Planet Kids.
The books in the range aim to inspire and encourage young readers to learn about the world they live in. 
My two younger daughters have had a great time learning about geography, nature, history, space, and more, and the books have provided them with hours of entertainment.


The 'Let's Explore' range contain colouring in pages, lots of stickers, and puzzles too. The books are aimed at children aged between 5-8 years old. 
The topics include: City, Jungle, Ocean, Desert and Mountain.

The My Holiday Scrapbook allows children to collect special mementos (including photos and postcards) from their holidays and store them in the pouch provided in the book. 

The new released title, Around The World Fashion Sketchbook, is a book which takes your young reader on a journey of style and fashion from many cultures across the globe. The book has plenty of space for your child to get creative and design their own outfits.
These are just a few of the extensive range of books on offer from Lonely Planet Kids.

All of the books in the Lonely Planet Kids range are very reasonably priced, and the books are shipped within a day or two of ordering. 

For further information on these books, head to: