Thursday, 25 May 2017

Children's Book Review - Through The Gate by Sally Fawcett

I know firsthand that children can often find changes in their difficult, and books like Through The Gate can really help them become more resilient and accepting of those changes.
This beautiful hard-covered picture book tells the story of a young girl who has shifted into a new house in a new neighbourhood, and who is finding it difficult to adjust.
In the first few pages of the story, we see the girl viewing her surroundings in an unhappy way, but each time the girl goes 'through the gate' of her new home, she slowly begins to discover that change can definitely be a good thing, and she becomes more accepting of her new way of life.
One of my favourite things about this story is the illustrations. I love how Sally Fawcett has used colour to reflect the feelings and perceptions of the young girl. For example, in the first few pages of the story, when the girl is still trying to adjust to the new home, the illustrations are mainly black and white, the home is run down, and the reader can see by her facial expressions that the girl is rather sad. 
But as we progress through the story and observe the girl getting used to her new experiences, the drawings are bought to life with bright hues, the house is transformed into a loving family home, and the girl finds beauty all around her and begins to find happiness.
There is also a spot the difference element within the illustrations, which is great for encouraging interaction between the reader and the child. 
This book is targeted to younger readers in the 4-8 years age group. If you have a child that is going through changes, whether it be preparing to begin school, gaining a sibling, or moving home, then this book would be ideal for them. 
Through The Gate retails for $24.99, and has been released earlier this month through Exisle Publishing. 
It is available to purchase here, or wherever good books are sold. 

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