Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Lonely Planet Kids - Sticker World

Lonely Planet Kids have recently released three new titles in the Sticker World series. 
These books allow children to create and customise a castle, a farm or an airport of their dreams, with over 500 stickers included in each book!
Each one has a lot of information included too, and plenty of pages that children can decorate, design, and draw on. 
For example, the farm book includes information about crops, animals, milking and bee-keeping.

The books are aimed at readers aged 6-8, and both of my younger daughters (aged almost 9, and 11 years old) enjoyed these books.
Each book has 40 pages, plus 6 full sheets of stickers included, and I consider these books to be great value as they have a lot of entertaining activities included. 
They are available through

Sticker World: Airport | Sticker World: Farm | Sticker World: Castle
Released February 2019 | AU$9.99 / NZ$11.99 each
270mm x 216mm | 40 + 6 sticker sheets | Paperback

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