Friday, 22 March 2019

Book Review: 52 Mondays by Anna Ciddor 

This is a very sweet tale set in the 1960's in Melbourne. Author Anna Ciddor draws on her own childhood experiences to give it an authentic feel that will entertain readers both young and old. 
The story spans across a year in the life of Anna Lewison and her two younger sisters, Mirabelle and Bubby and their parents, who are of Jewish heritage.
Anna develops a love of antique dolls after reading a book about Hitty, an old wooden doll.
Her mother takes her to an auction at an antique store one Monday to see if she can find any dolls, but sadly, Anna doesn't find any.
She begs her mum to take her back, and as the weeks go by, her love for dolls grows.
When she isn't thinking of dolls, she is busy playing with her sisters, visiting her grandparents, and learning at school (whilst my school years didn't include bottles of milk at recess like Anna's, I do remember dusting the blackboard erasers like she mentions in the story!)
It was lovely to read about a childhood with an abundance of imagination and creativity, without the use of technology. 
This is a really delightful and easy to read tale, and I really enjoyed it. 

52 Mondays is available through Allen & Unwin Australia and has an RRP of $14.99  
Recommended for readers aged 8-13 but I am sure adults and teens will enjoy this too.

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  1. I appreciate this lovely review and great description of the book, and the gorgeous, evocative image you have created to go with it!


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