Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Book Review: I Thought I Knew You by Penny Hancock

Jules and Holly are best friends and have known each other since university.
Together, they have shared the highs and lows of their lives. Holly is the only one who knows that Jules once had an affair behind her husband Rowan's back, and Jules was there to support Holly when her husband Archie died suddenly from a heart attack four years ago.
Holly even shifted house to be closer to her best friend.
The ladies have a very special bond, and have always been there for one another.

Holly is mum to a 16 year-old son, Saul, who has grown up alongside Jules' daughter Saffie, aged 13. 
One night, the ladies go out for birthday drinks, and the two teens are left together at home. 
Then, a couple of weeks later, Saffie accuses Saul of an unforgivable act on the night that they were left home alone, and it comes as a huge shock to all involved.
Holly refuses to accept that her son could ever commit such a terrible crime, and although Jules doesn't want to believe it, she takes Saffie's word.
The repercussions of this claim damages not only their friendship, but their families. 

I thought that this was a well-written story, and I didn't know who to believe - the suspense of that had me turning the pages.
There were a few parts of the story that I felt didn't add all that much and perhaps could've been left out, and I would've liked a bit more of a background story, particularly about Jules and Holly's friendship (I think it would've benefited to revert back to their relationship in an earlier time, but that's only my opinion). 
I was torn on taking sides between each of the characters, and I finished it within a few days as I was curious to see how it all played out.

I Thought I Knew You is available this month, and has an RRP of $29.99, from Pan Macmillan Australia. 
For more on this title, head here

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