Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Recent Releases From New Frontier Publishing - Children's Picture Books

Is It The Way You Giggle? by Nicola Connelly

This lovely picture book asks what make you special? Is it the way you can do handstands? Is it the way you run or skip? Or is it the way you giggle?
This book encourages young readers to reflect on their differences and recognise their individuality.

It is suitable for children agd 3-6 years old and has an RRP of $24.99

Marvellous Mummy by Katie Poli

This is a delightful book that my youngest daughter and I enjoyed reading together.
It celebrates every aspect of being a mummy - from being brave to grumpy, to happy and caring, mummy makes every day moments and memories special!
The whimsical illustrations compliment the story beautifully.
It is aimed for children aged 3-6 years old, and has an RRP of $24.99 

Scaredy Cat by Heather Gallagher 

In Scaredy Cat, a brave young girl sticks up for her four legged friend.
The story is told in rhyming verse, making it an ideal book to read out loud, and I adored the little twist at the end!
A book that explores the themes of companionship, bravery and love.
Scaredy Cat has an RRP of $24.99

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