Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Children's Picture Book Review: The All New Must Have Orange 430 by Michael Speechley

Harvey is a young boy who owns a lot of stuff, and when he hears about the brand new Orange 430, he simply must have it! He manages to save up the bargain price of $5.35 and even though he doesn't quite know just what the Orange 430 does, he rushes out and buys it.
But it isn't long before he realises that the Orange 430 is pretty useless and so he tries to take it back to Mr Ripoff, the President of UOI (Useless Object International)...

This book has a brilliant message about the effect that wanting to have so many things has on the environment. It explores the topic in a very clever, original way. 
The illustrations are highly detailed and Michael Speechley is clearly talented as both an author and illustrator.

The All New Must Have Oange 430 is out now through Penguin Random House Australia and has an RRP of $24.99

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