Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Children's Book Review: One Thousand Trees by Kyle Hughes-Odgers

(Ideal for ages 2 - 8 years)

In this delightful hard covered book, the expressive and detailed illustrations tell the main story about Frankie, who is deep in the heart of the city, and dreams about a thousand trees.
With only a few words interspersed throughout the pages, this picture book really showcases the talents of author, Australian artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers, who has been involved in large-scale art projects both in Australia and worldwide.

'Wordless' books such as this one really allow your child's imagination to expand, and allow you to have some really interesting discussions about what they think is happening in the story.
They also allow your child to be creative with their interpretation of the story - what one child may think is happening in the story could be totally different to what another child believes is happening. 
They're also a great way to develop your child's storytelling skills.
If you're after a book that will engage your young reader and help them practice their comprehension skills, then I highly suggest that you check out One Thousand Trees. 
It is published by Fremantle Press, with an RRP $24.99. More info can be found here

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