Friday, 7 July 2017

Children's Book Review: 
The Chalk Rainbow by Deborah Kelly and Gwynneth Jones

The Chalk Rainbow is a delightful children's picture book that explores one family's experience of living with a son and brother who has ASD (Austism Spectrum Disorder)...

Zane is a young boy who is different to many other children. He has certain rituals that he carries out, and he also doesn't like the colour black. In fact, he refuses to eat, touch or wear anything that is black.
His father gets angry, and his mother also struggles to explain things to him. 
Zane doesn't handle their reactions well, and so he huddles into a ball and screams at the top of his lungs.
Luckily, Zane has a big sister that wants to help him, so she draws a chalk rainbow for Zane on the front steps of their home. 
Zane's sister is the narrator, and through her voice, we come to understand that her love for her younger brother is pure and absolute, and that his happiness means a lot to her. 
Zane appreciates when his sister patiently shows him that there are ways to look at things differently, and to find a way to explore life together.
The Chalk Rainbow is a story about trusting others and experiencing unconditional love. 
The illustrations in this book are beautiful and bright, with many pages highlighted with colourful rainbows. 

The Chalk Rainbow is ideal for young readers aged 4-8 years, and is available now through EK Books, with an RRP of $24.99
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