Friday, 28 July 2017

Books For Pre-Schoolers

Silly Lily And The First Day Of Kindergarten by Jedda Robaard 

Silly Lily is a new book series targeted at pre-schoolers as they experience life's 'first' moments. 

In Silly Lily And The First Day Of Kindergarten, Lily is nervous to begin her first day at kindergarten, but she soon plunges herself into all that the day has to offer, including petting the class pet, drawing, and eating all of her snacks. But when she realises that her first day experiences aren't turning out the way she had hoped, Lily sets about putting things right so that her first day of kindergarten can really be a success!

Silly Lily aims to teach young children about what they should expect in certain situations that they are faced with for the first time. It also leads the young reader to recognise what behaviours are acceptable when they are in these circumstances. 

I adore the illustrations in Silly Lily; they are soft watercolour style images depicting Lily and other recurring characters. The thicker pages in this board book make it ideal for younger readers to handle. 

Silly Lily And The First Day Of Kindergarten is released this month through Five Mile Press, with an RRP of $16.99
For further information, head here

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