Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Children's Book Review: Wild Animals Of The South by Dieter Braun 

Dieter Braun hails from Hamburg, Germany and is a freelance illustrator and children's book author. His previous works include Wild Animals Of The North.

In his latest work, Wild Animals Of The South, he depicts a range of beautiful animals that are from the southern hemisphere.
Divided into five regions, (Africa, South America, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica), the reader is taken on an exquisite visual journey with Dieter's stunning illustrations of animals such as the hummingbird, frilled-neck lizard, saltwater crocodile, hippopotamus, and spotted hyena. 
My two younger daughters adore this book, and have spent  a good deal of their time reading the descriptions of the various animals, and admiring the pictures.
The book is hard-covered, and features over 130 pages of illustrations and information that will enthrall both children and adults alike.

Wild Animals Of The South is available now through Walker Books, RRP $39.99

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