Monday, 12 June 2017

Book Review - Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

Having read Paula Hawkins' previous novel, The Girl On The Train, I wasn't quite sure how Into The Water would stack up next to it, but was super keen to find out as I really enjoyed Girl On The Train. 
Since reading it, I have to say that I was somewhat underwhelmed. 
Maybe because I thought that The Girl On The Train was just so clever, and I loved the fast-paced thrill I experienced when I read it.
But whilst Into The Water has an interesting storyline, I felt that it wasn't as suspenseful as it could've been.

The story unfolds when single mum Nel Abbott is found in a river of her hometown. Mystery surrounds her death and her last moments leading up to it. Her 15 year-old daughter Lena is left alone, until Nel's sister Jules comes to care for Lena, and try to uncover the truth. Lena and Jules have never met each other as the two sisters had a falling out many years ago that left their relationship strained, and with minimal contact.
Earlier that year, Lena's friend Katie was also found dead in the same lake. This stretch of water has claimed other victims in the past, and many secrets lurk below its depths. 
So, could the deaths of Katie and Nel be linked somehow?
And if so, what circumstances led to these tragedies?

There are so many points of view in this story that I have to admit for the first half of the book I was rather lost.
I had to keep going back to pages to try and piece together the characters and their stories. 
I personally believe that the book would've benefited from less characters (or less perspectives) as there was just so much to keep track of.  
It left me confused and I had to focus so much on keeping track of it all that it hampered my reading experience. 
If I had to give it a star rating I would give it a 3 out of 5. Once I began to piece all of the characters and their movements together, it made a lot more sense, and so I found that the second half of the book was a lot better than the first half. And there were some moments that I wasn't expecting, which I really enjoyed. 

Have you read Girl On The Train or Into The Water? Share your thoughts below!


  1. I'm trying to read 'Into the Water' right now and I have had the same struggles as you in the first half. I've gotten sidetracked by other books to be honest. Will persevere though. I loved 'Girl on the Train'.

    SSG xxx

  2. Got the book of Girl on the train but saw the movie first and haven't bothered to read it yet...

  3. Nope. I haven't read either. Heard a lot about the Girl on the Train though. I've still got a pile of autobiographies next to my bed I'm trying to get through before I start on the pile of novels.

  4. Girl on a Train was a good, quick read.

    Havent heard of this one.

  5. I loved Girl on a Train the book but was very disappointed with the movie. Sometimes our expectations for the next book are too high but I will definitely read this one. Thanks for the review.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  6. What a disappointment for you (and maybe other fans too) when a subsequent book does not match what you got from the first one. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 24/52. Next week: First Concert.

  7. I feel for authors having to one up themselves each time with successive books! At least there was some payoff for you at the end even if it did not live up to her first novel.

  8. I'm reading it now! About half way through, and I agree trying to keep track of all the characters was a bit off a problem!!! I am really enjoying it though!

  9. I loved the girl on the train but I haven't read this book. Maybe I should give it a miss if it is hard to follow


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