Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Children's Book Releases from Affirm Press 

A Walk In The Bush by Gwyn Perkins 

A Walk In The Bush is the first picture book to be released through Affirm Press.
Written and illustrated by Gwyn Perkins, Walk In The Bush is a delightful tale that is set in the bushland of New South Wales. 
Iggy and his grandad decide to spend some time together by going for a bushwalk. On their journey, they come across many forms of wonderful wildlife, including squawking and singing birds, caterpillars that create mysterious messages on trees, and jumping wallabies.
They also spot tall, shady eucalyptus trees, and take a rest underneath a wattle tree beside blooming grevilleas.
Together, the explore the wonders of nature until it is time to return back home again.

This book has an RRP of $24.99.
For further information on this title, head here

Mammoth Mistake Starring Olive Black by Alex Miles & Maude Guesne

Olive Black is a new children's book series which is aimed at girls aged between 8-11 years old.
Olive is a 10 year-old movie star, and in each book, she faces challenges and issues that frequent the day to day lives of children, including bullying, low self-esteem, and disagreements between friends.

In Mammoth Mistake, Olive's movie role sees her bringing a woolly mammoth back from the Ice Age into present day. But her real-life issue is almost as big! She gets caught up with Sofia, a fellow showbiz star and big bully, and Olive finds that everything starts to rapidly go wrong. 
Her best friend Rani stops speaking to her, and Olive doesn't know why it all seems to go from bad to worse. 
Will Olive be able to turn things back around and make it right? 

The Robbery Riddle Starring Olive Black by Alex Miles & Maude Guesne 

The Robbery Riddle is the second book in the series.
In it, Olive plays the role of sidekick to famous film detective, Maestro, in the movie called The Robbery Riddle. 
There's a lot of action and drama onset, but when the cameras stop rolling, there is even more when Olive is accused of stealing. 
Olive needs to prove that she is innocent, and with the help of best-friend Rani, they use their sleuthing skills to try and uncover who the culprit is. 
Can the girls clear Olive's name, or will their detective skills fail them? You'll need to read it to find out! 

Some of my favourite things to note about the Olive Black series:
- Interesting story lines with important messages and/or topics that young children will be able to relate to

- Short chapters, with a diverse range of vocabulary and characters

- Black and white illustrations interspersed throughout the stories

For further information on the Olive Black series head here

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