Monday, 5 March 2018

Mr Bambuckles Remarkables Fight Back by Tim Harris (Illustrated by James Hart).

The students of 12B are back in this highly entertaining sequel! 
When their nasty new teacher, Miss Frost, arrives, she makes it her mission to ensure that all of the students of 12B are taught discipline, order, and respect.
But the students have other ideas!
They set out to get rid of Miss Frost, and replace her with their much-loved previous teacher, the mysterious and magical Mr Bambuckle!
But can the class pull it off without a hitch, or will they be stuck with Miss Frost forever?

Mr Bambuckle's Remarkables Fight Back is available now through Penguin Random House Australia, and has an RRP of $14.99 
For further information on this title, head here

Be sure to check out the first book in the series, Mr Bambuckles Remarkables too! 

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