Thursday, 22 March 2018

Children's Book Review - Play With Art (Available through DK Books)

Play With Art is a hands-on book that allows your child to get creative through art.
Many topics are covered, including chalk art, finger painting, shadow puppets, and paper crafts.

There are lots of projects included to keep your child entertained for hours and they can learn new techniques too.
Some of the activities are more suited for the outdoors as they can be a bit messy, but there are also other exercises that can be done indoors.

Each section of the book has a handy 'tools needed' list, which makes it easy for you to collect the materials needed for each project. (There are over 50 projects in the book).
The activities would be suitable for ages 4 and up.
My 7 year-old daughter has thoroughly enjoyed doing some of the activities in the book.

Play With Art has an RRP of $29.99 and is avaialble now.
For further information on this title, head here

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