Tuesday, 20 March 2018

 Tiggy And The Magic Paintbrush, A Series For Newly Independent Readers.

If your child adores the Billie B. Brown and Hey Jack! book series, then this new series by Zanni Louise is definitely one that you should check out.

The first two books released in the series are titled: A School Day Smile, and A Pet Called Nibbles.
They are both released this March through Five Mile Press. 

In A School Day Smile, Tiggy is off to her first day of school, but she is rather nervous as she doesn't know what to expect.
She has her secret magic paintbrush tucked away in her sock, but with Tilly's big imagination and her big feelings, can the magic paintbrush help her to make some new friends at school? 

In A Pet Called Nibbles, it is Pet Day at school, but unfortunately, Tilly doesn't have a pet to bring to class to show her teacher, Miss Green, and her classmates. 
But with her magical paintbrush, Tilly has the ability to bring her very own pet to life.. but will being a pet owner go without a hitch for her? 

Both of the stories are simple to comprehend and the illustrations are sensational. The wishy-washy watercolours that Gillian Flint has used  bring the pages to life. Tiggy herself is a very sweet-looking character; I adore her pink ponytails and knee-high socks!
These books are ideal for those readers that have just started to read independently, as well as for more confident and capable readers. 

The books retail for $12.99 each, and are available from March through Five Mile Press.
For further information on these titles, head here 

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