Monday, 19 March 2018

Beauty  & Lace Book Club Review: The Last Days Of Us by Beck Nicholas

Whilst Young Adult isn't a genre I generally opt for when selecting reading choices, I do quite like YA, and I thought the Last Days Of Us was such an emotional and enjoyable story...

Six months ago, teenager Zoey sadly lost her older brother Dan in tragic circumstances, and her life changed forever.
Unsure how to handle her grief, she partied hard, and pushed away her best friend, Cass, and  her (now ex) boyfriend Finn.  She chose to shut out her parents too.
But one day, after an incident that leaves her shaken, she comes to the realisation that she needs to try and get the pieces of her life back together, including Finn. 
Only now, Finn is dating Cass. 
When Zoey is invited along to experience a road trip with Cass, Finn, and Finn's cousins- siblings Luc and Jolie, she opts to go along.
The trip sees them travelling from Adelaide along the Great Ocean Road in a Kombi, as they head towards their final destination in Melbourne to see their favouite musician, Gray, perform live in concert. 

I felt for Zoey as she made quite a few bad choices that she knew were wrong and paid for them by losing the support and care of Cass and Finn.
I think that Cass in particular could have handled the situation better, having been friends with Zoey from quite a young age. 
My favourite character was Jolie, as she was such a bright and bubbly-natured young woman, with equal amounts of maturity and innocence thrown in. 

I would gladly recommend The Last Days Of Us to young adult readers that enjoy reading coming-of-age novels with a cast of teen characters. 

I received a copy of The Last Days Of Us to read and review, thanks to Harlequin and Beauty And Lace Book Club. You can check out my review on the Beauty And Lace website here

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