Monday, 12 February 2018

Children's Picture Book Review: Perfect Petunias by Lynn Jenkins, Illustrated by Kirrili Lonergan 

Lynn Jenkins is a clinical psychologist (based in Newcastle), and has written Perfect Petunias for young children who have difficulty with making mistakes, and also those who find it hard to accept themselves and their flaws. 
In Perfect Petunias, the main character, Loppy LAC (which stands for Little Anxious Creature), is stressed that he isn't doing his homework to the standard he is supposed to.
Instead, he tends to focus on the things he hasn't done, rather than what he has accomplished.
When his friend Curly teaches him how to grow petunias, Loppy LAC realises that petunias grow in many directions and that there is no control over that.
Loppy gains an understanding that he needs to learn to accept things as they are and not try and control everything, and this in turn will help him lead a more happy and healthy life.

I simply adored this book, and I think that the message that Lynn is sending to the young reader is such an important one.

Perfect Petunias is out now through EK Books, and has an RRP of $19.99
Recommended reader age group is 4-8 years old, but it would be good for older readers as well. 

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