Thursday, 12 October 2017

Children's Book Review: Dinosaur A To Z by Dustin Growick 

Does your young reader love Dinosaurs? If so, then this book is sure to delight!
Dinosaur A to Z offers a fantastic look at the fascinating world of these prehistoric creatures.
The hardback book begins with an explanation of what a dinosaur is, as well as dinosaur groups (Theropods, Sauropods, Ceratopsians and Ornithopods), and the special features relating to each group.
The dinosaurs are featured in alphabetical order, with interesting facts about each one, and they are even colour coded so the reader can see which period the dinosaur came from. 
There are feature pages about certain dinosaurs, and details about their diet, weight, and names.
There is also a large fold-out poster included for you to display. 
The pictures are very detailed, and vibrant too. There are over 100 different dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures featured throughout the book. 

Dinosaur A To Z is available through DK Books this October, and has an RRP of $35.
For further information about this title, head here

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