Friday, 15 September 2017

DK Find Out! Series

DK have a range of books that aim to provide children with amazing facts about topics that they would like to know more about.
Topics include: Science, Volcanoes, Sharks, Engineering, Coding, and Bugs.
The books have a lot of information which is explained in a simple format, and there are many  detailed illustrations and photographs included aswell.
I was given two of the latest books in the DK Find Out series - Human Body and Earth, which were both released recently.


What I really like about these books are how child- friendly they are. There is a quiz included to test your child's knowledge and to allow them to find out even more facts.
There is a detailed glossary which makes it easy for your child to find out the definition of a term they may not have heard of before, and there is a blank page towards the end of the book where your child can write down facts that may be of particular interest to them. 

The Earth book includes fantastic photographic images our beautiful planet, with up-to-date facts.
Areas covered include: Climate Change. Erosion, Weather, Oceans, and Earthquakes. 

The Human Body book explains emotions, organs, exercise, senses and digestion, to name a few.
There are interesting facts about the body included.

The books are aimed at readers 6-9 years old, and have an RRP of $14.99 each.
For further information about the DK Find Out! range, head here 

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