Friday, 1 September 2017

Children's Book Review: Dungzilla by James Foley 

Today is the release day for Dungzilla, starring Sally Tinker, who first made her appearance in James Foley's 'Brobot' (released last Spetember through Fremantle Press).
For those who haven't been introduced to Sally, she's the world's foremost inventor under the age of twelve.  
She's a very creative young girl, and has an adorable baby brother named Joe, and I am glad that he is also back for more fun in this latest release.

In Dungzilla, Sally designs The Resizenator - a machine that has the capability of enlarging any object.
But when she makes the mistake of enlarging a dung beetle instead of a pizza slice, Sally needs to find a way to fix the machine before the dung beetle's dung ball destroys everything in its way!

Just like in Brobot, James' cartoon-like illustrations again capture the character's expressions and antics perfectly. The book is aimed at readers 6-10 years old.
 Dungzilla will certainly give your child a good laugh!

For further information on Dungzilla, head here

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