Friday, 23 September 2016

Upcoming Children's Book Releases

I've been enjoying reading with my children over the school holidays as we were lucky to receive some books through Penguin Random House Australia to review.
The following titles will all be released next month.

Spot's Day Out by Eric Hill

Spot books have always been very popular in our home, and this latest one is no exception!
The story sees Spot out with his friends on a nature day. It is a touch-and-feel book, with different textures on the pages for children to feel. From the soft wool of a sheep, to the suede-feel of a picnic rug, this book will really engage your child as they turn each brightly coloured page.
RRP $16.99, to be released on 3rd October

Little Golden Book - The Little Grumpy Cat That Wouldn't

With over 8 million followers on Facebook, and her own tv movie, Grumpy Cat is proving to be hugely popular!
In The Little Grumpy Cat That Wouldn't, her friends try their best to encourage Grumpy Cat to have some fun and try new things, but she doesn't want a bar of it!
She thinks having fun is awful, and no amount of cajoling will sway her opinion. This is one determined, amusing, and very grumpy cat that gave us a good laugh!
RRP $4.99, to be released on 31st October

Somewhere Else by Gus Gordon

George is a duck who prefers to stay at home baking his lovely pastries. He isn't interested in exploring the world, claiming to be too busy.
Whilst his friends all enjoy devouring his delicious treats, they try to encourage him to see some sights, but George always declines. 
But one day, his friend Pascal uncovers the real reason why George refuses to leave home, and sets about helping his friend to finally go 'somewhere else.'
The story touches on the rewards of risk-taking, and the artwork in this book is really lovely.
RRP $24.99, to be released on 31st October

Peppa's Christmas Post 

In this interactive book, Mummy and Daddy Pig take a fall on the way home from posting letters to Santa, and need to rest until Christmas Day.
So Peppa and George ask someone very special to help them prepare for a great Christmas!
One of my favourite features of this book would be the envelope pages that are filled with an assortment of activities. 
My daughters had a lot of fun discovering what was inside each envelope!
There are a lot of things included that will keep your child entertained once you have finished reading the story; including an advent calendar, recipes, stickers, letters, and even Christmas decorations to hang on your tree!
This is a fantastic book that your little Peppa Pig fan will adore.
RRP $26.99, to be released on 3rd October 

Disclosure: I was given copies of the titles featured above for review through Penguin Random House Australia. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own, and are not influenced in any way. 


  1. My kids used to LOVE all the Spot books!

  2. What an adorable collection! The Grumpy Cat book looks like a true winner.

  3. Hi Michelle

    Some great books there. I don't have kids alas, but I recognise a few of the characters!!!

  4. This post made me very nostalgic for my youngest grandchildren who we rarely see these days since moving away. One is huge Peppa Pig fan and another is a Spot fan. I loved reading to them and I also loved reading all kinds of books to the classes I taught. Thank you too, for displaying my link up pic! Really stoked seeing it there!!

  5. The post is just fantastic! Have a nice day:)

  6. Oh, how my boys loved Spot when they were younger! And I used to love my Golden Books. I still have one from when I was about 7 :)


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