Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Beauty & Lace Book Club Book Review - P Is For Pearl

I have read Eliza Henry Jones' previous book, Ache; it was one that I really enjoyed and I thought that it was beautifully written. I have been a follower of hers ever since then.
(If you don't follow her on Instagram yet, her feed is well worth checking out. Eliza regularly posts beautiful images of the fresh produce that she grows on her Yarra Valley property.)

P Is For Pearl is Eliza's first Young Adult novel, written years ago but one that was never submitted as she didn't think it was good enough.
I'm glad that Eliza decided to revisit her manuscripts and have this published.
The book explores the complexities of grief, mental health issues, friendships and love in a delicate and touching manner.

The main character is Gwendolyn P. Pearson, aged 17 years-old, who lives in a small Tasmanian coastal town with her father, step-mother Biddy, step-brother Tyrone, and adorable younger step-sister Evie.
We find out early on that she lost both her mother and younger brother Jamie, but it is unclear when and how.

When an incident takes place at the cafe that she works at with her best friend Loretta, it triggers memories of those past tragic circumstances and Gwen is forced to face what happened to her family.
The story unravels slowly and the reader begins to piece it together bit by bit with a blend of Gwen's diary entries which focus on past events, as well as her present-day situation.

The cast of characters are true to life and each play an important role in the story. A few of my favourites include the local policeman,Martin, Gwen's school friend Gordon, and both Tyrone and Evie. 

This book is ideal for teenaged readers, as it touches on many issues that they themselves may be experiencing.

Thank you to Beauty & Lace Book Club and Harper Collins for the opportunity to read and review P Is For Pearl.
You can see my original review on the Beauty & Lace website here

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