Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Lighthouse Girl by Dianne Wolfer

This week, my eldest daughter begins secondary school!  (And yes, I may cry!)
As part of her English studies, she will be reading two texts; one of them being Lighthouse Girl.
It is written by Australian author Dianne Wolfer, and is illustrated by the very talented artist Brian Simmonds. 
The story centres around a girl named Fay, who lives on Breaksea Island, in the year 1914 when war is declared.
Fay knows many things - how to shoot rabbits, how morse code works, and she even knows about marine life. 
However, it isn't until Fay begins writing to a soldier named Charlie that she realises that she doesn't know much about friendships, and nor has she ever had a friend to lose..

The book is based on fact, and is a great introduction to Australian history, not only for students, but for readers of any age. 
It has lovely sepia photos throughout the novel, as well as expressive charcoal drawings. 
It is published by Fremantle Press. For further information, head here

What book will your child be studying this year? 
Or do you recall what books you studied at school? I'd love to hear from you
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  1. Thank you for this lovely post, Michelle :-) I hope your daughter has a lovely first year of high school and that she enjoys Fay's story. Details about the real Fay are on my website (drop down books then to right)and the story has been adapted for the stage - showing with Black Swan Theatre in Albany and Perth in April...

  2. So important to read books like this, so we never forget - especially given the atmosphere in world politics at the moment ...


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