Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Book Review: Mercy Street by Tess Evans 

I was wanting a chase of pace from the last few books I'd read, and after seeing a recommendation about Mercy Street, it sounded like just what I was after.

George is a man in his seventies who lives alone after the death of his wife Penny a few years earlier.
He has no children, and although his sister Shirl visits him frequently, his days are quite uneventful.
He has a best mate named Redgum, who he catches up with at the pub over a few beers, but for the most part, George is quite lonely.
One Christmas Eve, George gets mugged by a group of young hooligans, and 19-year-old unemployed, single mother, Angie, comes to his rescue.

A short time later, Angie asks George if he can babysit her 5 year-old daughter Aurora Jane (Rory). At first, George is hesitant, but he feels like he owes Angie, so he looks after Rory.
It becomes a regular thing, and George looks forward to their time together. 
When Angie takes off on the back of a motorbike with her latest of bad choices in men, George is left to look after Rory. 
With the help of Shirl, Redgum, neighbours Mr & Mrs Nguyen, and Angie's friend, Bree, George manages to provide the stability and care that Rory needs.
But when an unexpected turn of events occurs, it could see George lose Rory for good..

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The cast of characters were so real, and I felt as though I was living alongside them in this book. 
It is a heart-warming story that I would highly recommend. 

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