Thursday, 6 April 2017

Fantastic Resource Books from DK Penguin Random House Australia

What's Where On Earth Atlas:

I must admit that it has been years since I've last looked at an atlas, in fact, I think the last time would've been during my Year 10 Humanities studies. I do recall that I did enjoy looking up various countries in it, however, I have to say it was nothing like the What's Where On Earth Atlas that I recently got to check out. 
This is a truly fascinating book that brings our world to life in 3-D maps. The images are detailed, and there are so many interesting facts on every page. 
I learnt many things whilst looking through this Atlas. For example, did you know that the world is split into 39 different time zones? Or that the Pacific Ocean contains just over half of all the world's seawater?  
Everything from extinction, climate, population, wildlife, and famous landmarks are all covered in this extensive resource guide. 
It also includes the following information for 195 countries - their capital, population, size, currency, language and a flag. 

This would make a great gift for someone, or to add to your home resource library. 

The Periodic Table Book

The Periodic Table Book presents every one of the 118 elements in one impressive volume that is packed with amazing facts and over 1,000 colour photos of incredible images.
From Cobalt to Nickel, to Argon and Platinum, this book explains each of the element's uses, their forms, history, and other relevant information. 
It contains over 200 pages of facts in an easy-to-read format, including a detailed glossary and a poster of the Periodic Table for you to display.
I liked that the book shows the reader what each of the elements look like, and I liked learning about each of the element's uses, as I've never really thought about how each element can be used for so many different purposes, and in so many different forms. For example, with the element Magnesium, car wheels, cameras, fireworks and even indigestion medicines contain Magnesium compounds! 
So as you can see, this book has so many things that you can discover!

Both What's Where On Earth Atlas (RRP $29.99) and The Periodic Table Book (RRP $35) are available now through Penguin Random House Australia.

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