Friday, 17 June 2016

Forty Acres - Dwayne Alexander Smith

After reading a review on my local library's website of Forty Acres, I thought that it sounded rather appealing, and borrowed it recently.

It isn't a new book, having been released in 2014.
It begins with African-American lawyer, Martin Grey, winning a civil rights case against defending lawyer, Damon Darrell.
Darrell befriends Grey after the case, inviting him over one evening. It is at this gathering that Grey is introduced to Darrell's friends, who are some of the most successful men in the country, and all African-American also.
They invite Grey to a weekend away, to which he agrees, after some slight initial hesitation.
It is on this trip that he realises that this secret society of men are hiding a big secret - this isn't a male bonding trip as promised, at least, not in the way Grey thinks. They arrive at a mansion, in the middle of nowhere, and they are waited on by white slaves - a role reversal of years gone by when blacks were involved in slave labour.
It is a rather shocking story, and Grey soon realises that this is definitely not the place for him, and needs to fight to his last breath if he wants to make it out of there alive. 
I did find the story a little unconvincing in parts. The fact that Grey took so little persuading to go away on this trip with a group who can only be described as acquaintances for example.
It was a little slow , but I did enjoy it as it was a different sort of thriller to what I've read, and the ending was really good. There are some flaws, but overall, as it is a debut novel, I think it is well worth a read, particularly if you like books that give you something to think about, even after the story has ended. 

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