Friday, 5 August 2016

Book Review: Relativity - Antonia Hayes 

Relativity is a debut novel by Australian author Antonia Hayes.
The main character is a 12 year-old boy named Ethan, who is fascinated with physics, astronomy and science. He is highly gifted but is often the subject of bullying at school. 
Ethan lives with his mum Claire, who was once a professional ballet dancer, but had to give it away when she became Ethan's sole carer after splitting from his Dad, Mark.
The reason behind their relationship break-up is tied up to a horrible event that occurred when Ethan was a 4 month-old baby, and remains hidden from him until he becomes ill with a condition linked to his infancy. 
Throughout the course of the novel, we discover that Ethan wants to be reunited with is father, and longs to know everything about him.
However, Claire is reluctant to let Mark back into their lives. 
Mark has tried his best to move on from the tragic event that happened all those years ago, moving interstate and keeping his distance from them.
But when Mark is forced to return home suddenly, he is met with all of his problems he once ran away from.
What follows is a really emotional and very absorbing tale.
The only small criticism I have is that the scientific (and medical) terminology throughout the course of the novel does get a bit tedious, but that's just my personal opinion. 
I really adored Ethan; within the first few pages I was so taken by his intelligent and inquisitive manner. He really adds a special touch to the novel, and copes very well with all of the things life throws at him. 
This book is a really enjoyable read about love, science, ties that bind, and forgiveness.. 
If you have read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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  1. I heard Antonia interviewed on the radio a little while back and I was intrigued. Thanks for your review, I'm off to download it on my Kindle :) x


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