Wednesday, 17 November 2021

 Children's Picture Book Reviews: Toy Mountain and Cookie 



Toy Mountain and Cookie are recent releases from EK Books, a publisher which produces picture books that have meaningful messages and important topics.

Toy Mountain features a boy named Sam, who wishes that he had some new and exciting toys to play with. When he is given the opportunity to be a toy tester and receive the latest toys on the market, Sam is thrilled! 

However, it isn't long until he realises that it may not be necessary to own so many toys after all when his beloved old toys get buried under a mountain of new ones. 

This book teaches children about sustainability and the importance of protecting the environment and using only what we need, not want.


Cookie is a story written by Isabelle Duff when she was 18 years old, and is inspired by her border collie Saffy.

Cookie and Girl have an unbreakable bond and bring joy to each other's lives. Even when Girl feels sad, she knows that she can depend on Cookie to cheer her up. He brings light to her dark days and cheers her up with his antics.

This is lovely story that touches on the importance of pet ownership and the love that a pet provides.

Both books are available now through EK Books. 


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