Friday, 3 March 2017

Book Review: I Don't Have Time - 15 Ways To Shape A Life You Love By Emma Grey & Audrey Thomas

I'm sure that you would all agree with me when I say that life is just so busy! 
Commitments, appointments, and just day-to-day life in general leave many of us playing the constant 'catch-up' game.
If you do feel like you have no time left for yourself at the end of each day, this fantastic self-help book will be of great benefit to you!
The book includes 15-minute experiments that will guide you to making little improvements every day which will allow you to put yourself first, even if for a short while.
It is very simple to follow, and offers tips to manage feelings of stress, and feelings of being overwhelmed too.
It also focuses on changing your mindset from a negative to a more positive one, without striving for perfectionism.
I like that both Emma and Audrey share their experiences and offer examples of their own personal failures and successes throughout the book. They're funny and most importantly, honest about their situations.
The book has been published recently and is available through and wherever good books are sold. 

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