Friday, 7 October 2016

Adult Colouring In & A Giveaway!!

Now that the kids back at school, I have been busy tidying up around the house, and having a general clean-out.
I came across two brand new adult colouring that I'd purchased a while back and forgotten about, and thought that I'd offer them as a giveaway to my readers. 

The titles are:
Johanna Basford Secret Garden - Mini 1, and

Johanna Basford Secret Garden - Mini 2

As the titles suggest, these are smaller versions of the original Secret Garden, so the size makes them ideal for travel, or anywhere! (They'd even make a great Christmas stocking filler!) 

 Gorgeous intricate details in the illustrations provide hours of colouring fun!

So, if you'd like to win of of these books, follow the instructions below!

In order to win:

You MUST be a follower of my blog (either by liking my Facebook page/twitter/Instagram, or following via email or bloglovin' - I don't mind which one you opt for but you must do at least one please), and

Answer in the comments section below:

What is your favourite flower, and why?

**Get creative, and please include your email with your answer so I can contact you if you're the lucky winner!**

(There will be 2 winners; each one will receive either the Mini Book 1 or Mini Book 2)

Terms & Conditions:
1. This giveaway is open to residents of Australia only.
2. Giveaway closes on 12th October, 6 pm; winner will be contacted via email within 48 hours. Failure to receive a response from the winner/s will mean the prize is forfeited and a new winner/s  will be chosen.
3. Winner will be selected on a basis of skill, not chance - the most creative and/or interesting answer deemed by the judge/s wins
4. The prize is not redeemable for cash.
5. In  The Good Books blog will not be responsible for items that go missing through Australia Post postal services.
6. This promotion is not associated or endorsed by Facebook.
7. Those who 'unlike' or 'unfollow' after the giveaway ends will be disqualified from entering future giveaways.


  1. I hate flying so I've taken to packing a travel sized colouring book and colouring the flight away. It's a whole new experience! Colouring in is so relaxing, don't you think?

    1. I love it Sammie! Feel free to enter the giveaway, or share with those who may want to enter. It's only a quick comp, so a great chance to win :)

  2. I'm not a huge fan of the colouring book but these drawings look absolutely gorgeous. And so intricate!

  3. I love frangipanis. My great grandparents had a huge tree in their front yard and we could smell the beautiful flowers as soon as we arrived. We would play under the tree collecting flowers and nanna would always give us a little bowl of water to put them in. At the time my pop died I swear I could smell frangipanis in the office area of the gym I went to. I now have several smaller trees around my house and cannot wait for them to bloom. Reminds me of nanna and pop!

  4. I absolutely love my colouring books and have many in the house.

    1. They're great aren't they Nicole? :)
      Feel free to answer the question above for your chance to win 1 of 2 adult colouring books!

  5. Lilacs are my favorite flowers. I love their beautiful color, and their scent reminds me of the old house I lived in when I was little. We had so many lilac bushes there, and my brother and I would pick them for our mom.
    Thanks for the opportunity! ❤

  6. A field of colourful tulips is so beautifully divine
    Looking at tulips puts a smile on my face and makes my heart shine :)
    P.s. Me and my children both adore adult colouring books so thanks for the chance. Cheers Sharyn

  7. Ah, these are so very lovely..and of course I hope they go to some people who would benefit from the mindfulness of colouring. I am so glad the 'trend' has stayed as I know, from personal experience, just how relaxing this is. I make my own mandalas now and find the selection of colours and materials to use is part of the fun too. Thanks for linking up today. Denyse

  8. I have 3 colouring books! I love them. It's been a while since I've used them so I think it's time to pull them out again. My favourite flower? So many! But I do love hydrangeas - purple ones!

  9. I was already following you on FB, but just followed on Twitter as well. Difficult to pick a favourite flower, but I love growing miniature roses so I can have them in vases in the house, beautiful to look at and a wonderful scent to. Plus the pride of "I grew that!"

  10. Looks Lovely. I have an adult colouring book but rarely take the time to colour. Which is weird because I actually love colouring.

  11. Sunflower. They're one of the happiest flowers I know, they look so cheerful, and brighten any room that they're in. They always give me a pick-me-up.

  12. I love daffodils, they remind my of mum and Nan, both passed away from cancer. I'm a great supporter of Daffodil Day in August each year.

  13. My favourite flower...well, now that's a toughie...I love all flowers. However, if I *had* to choose just one - I'd have to go with the rose. It's so gorgeous in any colour and to me they mean love and friendship and beauty.

  14. :)

  15. What do you call the Rainbow roses? How are they grown?, you've inspired me to research this beautiful unique and modified rose.

  16. Sunflowers - they are like the smiling flower...

  17. *SINGS*
    And Maybeeeee, I'll win this comp by telling you that a rose is my favourite flower today,
    Oooohh, but the more I see of the Nelumbo, the more it gives me the feels, yeaaah.
    But smelling a roses perfume, takes away the gloom of the daaaaayyyy. x


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