Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Getting Life - Michael Morton

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Getting Life is a biography which was released in 2014. I borrowed it recently from the library, and I thought it was a great book.
The author, Michael Morton, was jailed for 25 years for a shocking crime that he didn't commit. 
The day after Michael turned 32 years old, his beautiful wife Chris was brutally  murdered as she lay sleeping in bed; their 3-year-old son Eric, close by.
Michael was suspected, then later charged with her murder.
He lost everything when he was convicted - his house, his son, and his freedom.
He was unfairly trialed, found guilty, and sent to prison.
Throughout his incarceration, Michael kept journals, and those journals form the basis of this story.
Michael never gave up trying to prove his innocence. 
His story is truly heart-breaking, as he suffered a lot, and missed out on so much. 
Michael's courage and hope kept him going through the darkest of days. 
I was shocked that it took 25 years for Michael to prove his innocence, with the help of a team of workers from the Innocence Project who managed to re-open the case. 

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