Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Book Of Laney - Myfanwy Collins

I picked up this book as I was scrolling through the Young Adult section of my local library late last week, and I'm so glad I did.

The Book Of Laney tells the story of 15-yr-old Elane (or Laney, as she's known), as she struggles to come to terms with the shocking murder-suicide her older brother West was involved in.
After the terrible tragedy, Laney is left orphaned, so she is taken by her social worker to live with her grandmother in Adirondack Mountains - a place that is very isolated. 
Her grandmother's property has no running water, phone reception, or electricity, and Laney struggles initially not only with her grief, but with her surroundings, and her relationship with her grandmother Meme, whom she barely remembers from her childhood.
However, in time, Laney learns to adapt to it all, in a way that is really admirable. She comes to learn many life lessons from Meme, and they form a bond that's unbreakable and very special.
My only criticism (and it's only a small one), would be Laney's relationship with Marshall (a young guy who also resides in the town). It was rather predictable and somewhat fake. 
I love Laney's character, and the hope she exudes, even after the most tragic of circumstances.
Even though this book is targeted at Young Adults, I would recommend it to older adults too, as it is a very emotionally gripping story from the beginning to end. 
It is less than 200 pages long, making it ideal as a weekend read. 

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